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The Discovery of Division
That Time I Met Hermes
The Prompt
Man and Starfish
Dancing at Dawn
The Mystery of Love
Messenger of Wonder
The Hands of God
Magic on the Beach
The King's Elixir
Master of the Entrance to the Void
Father and Son
Dream Dog
The Artifact
Man with Cigarette
Dreaming into Space
Writing the Ancients
Dreaming the Viking Bloodline
The Alpinist
Man working on sculpture
Mr. Hollywood
Man working on sphere
Man contemplating home
The Projectionist
Man with Hammer Drill
Man with Shovel
The Revelation of Tarot
The Eyeball Thief
Man and Bull
Woman balancing cup and shell
Warrior Woman
Contemplating Gray
Man with teacup
Poet at work on sliding board
Man with rocket ship
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